Rag wreaths

I have fallen in love with rag wreaths!  I’ve been seeing them all over the internet and finally found the time to actually try making one.  They are simple to do, they don’t require a lot of different supplies and you don’t need any artistic ability!  My kind of craft project for sure!


Rag Wreath

  • 12 inch foam wreath ring (or what ever shape you would like)
  • 1 1/2 yards of fabric
  • white glue
  • ribbon for hanging
  • scissors, skewer

Cut the fabric into strips approximately 1 inch wide by 3 inches long.  These don’t have to be exact because once you put them onto the wreath you won’t even be able to tell if they aren’t perfect.


Push the fabric strips into the foam ring using a skewer, dipping the end into a little bit of white glue first it hold it in place.  The skewer only needs to be inserted about 1/4 inch into the foam.  Place the fabric strips about 1/4 inch apart as you continue to work your way around the ring covering the sides, the inner circle and top.


You want the material close enough so no foam shows through but not so close that they are all squashed together.


Once you have the whole foam ring covered you just add your ribbon to hang it.  I attached my ribbon to the back of the wreath using some hot glue and a couple of thumbtacks to hold it in place.  That’s it you are done!


I really love how fast and easy this project was and I think it will be fun to make one for the different seasons as well. I found these instructions over at one of my favorite places By Stephanie Lynn.  Let’s see the next holiday is St. Patricks Day so maybe I can make a green one, or a yellow one for Spring, a pink one for Easter…I better get busy!!




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